About Us


The Al Sayegh Group of Companies was founded in 1999 by His Excellency Khalil Ibrahim Hussain Al Sayegh.

It started with Technicoat International Factory (TEKNCOAT), which became a leading manufacturer of waterproofing, industrial coating, and insulation products. As years went by, the group expanded its domain, starting with ASECO Chillers Technology, which introduced air conditioning equipment manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and which has established a business to operate and maintain services for

district cooling plants / HVAC systems, and ASECO General Maintenance, which entered into facility management for both commercial and residential complexes. More recently, the group further expanded to ASECO Elevators L.L.C., which sources elevators from China’s SWORD Elevators, and ASECO General Trading, which provides a wide selection of energy-saving products or ELV activities.

These collaborations with the leading manufacturers abroad have resulted in products and services that are significantly better than the competition.


We, the ASECO Group, are determined to fulfill our contractual obligations and satisfactorily control our operations, encompassing their broad scope, complexity, and contributing parties, to the overall satisfaction of our customers.

Our quality system is established to assure compliance with statutory and contractual obligations. Our plans and developments aim to provide systematic, planned, and cost-effective procedures and consistency of working methods to determine and achieve the utmost quality.

Whatever we do, we always follow a customer-centric approach. We not only try to meet their demands, but we work together to exceed them.


His Excellency Khalil Ibrahim Hussain Al Sayegh founded the ASECO Group in 1999 with Technicoat International Factory. TEKNCOAT, as the products and the company came to be known, became a leading manufacturer of waterproofing and energy-saving products. In 2002, ASECO Group expanded to ASECO Chillers Technology in response to the increasing demand for cooling solutions. It introduced highly efficient air conditioning equipment, manufactured by the Japan-based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, to the UAE market. More recent expansions are ASECO General Maintenance, ASECO Elevators, and ASECO Trading started in 2011, 2013, and 2015 respectively.

In 2013, the ASECO Group underwent a change of management at the appointment of Rashed Al Sayegh as the new Managing Director. Under his directorship, he signed a business agreement with SWORD Elevators-China and established ASECO Elevators, and he introduced electric low voltage systems, networking systems, and security systems under ASECO General Trading and ASECO General Maintenance.

Every day thousands of products are produced and services delivered by us. Each one of these requires meticulous management and commitment to quality. To maintain quality we have a quality policy in place. This policy is based on a regular improvement and upgrading of our services, provision of trained staff for maintenance and assistance, stocking of adequate supply of spare parts, minimization of replacements, reorders, premature breakdowns, and major overhauls, record keeping of installed equipment, and observation of equipment performance to assess energy consumption, demand, and efficiency.

We not only pay attention to the external quality control of our products, but attach even more importance to finding hidden and internal quality problems. We aim to create an advanced and innovative quality culture, setting a whole new standard in the pursuit of excellence

We believe that by doing what is good for our customers we do good for the group as well. It is a win-win situation for everyone. By aligning our principles with customers’ demands we create a platform where everyone benefits.

Our aim is to bring the best of technological innovations and advanced products to our customers.

Customer satisfaction is what guides our policies and strategies. For us, it is not a means to an end, but the end itself.

The ASECO Group is an International Industrial-certified company that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

We believe it is our responsibility to take care of the communities where we work in, to enrich the lives of people that we are in contact with and along the way create a sustainable business equation that benefits all.

Besides our ISO 9001:2008 certification, our partnerships with leading international companies have helped us maintain the quality and safety standards of our products. For well over a decade, ASECO Chillers has worked with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, while recently ASECO Elevators has teamed up with Hangzhou Sword Elevator Co.


In addition to the two Dubai offices in Al Karama and Jebel Ali and the factory in Jebel Ali, ASECO also has network offices in Abu Dhabi and Qatar.